Saturday, 11 February 2012

A new cycling campaign

For too long cycling has often been viewed as po-faced, miserable, drudgery. Panting along on a grey hybrid in the pissing rain from home to work, praying you make it alive because it seems like every motorist is out to kill you. Well, no more I say! Today we adopt a practice that the mad men of motor manufacturing learnt many moons ago, sex sells.

Motorists, we aren't the enemy, we are you, just a thinner, sexier you with better bums. For too long car manufacturers have been deceiving you that your car will make you look sexier, it won't, you can't take your car to bed with you, once between the sheets, what have you got? A pale flabby backside and a belly. Fear not, help is at hand because you can bring to the bedroom the trim waist, firm bum and shapely leg that a regular few miles on a bike will give you.

Motorists, get behind the bike!

Cycling Campaign Poster

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