Thursday, 9 February 2012

A565 Route Management Strategy

The A565 is the main route north up the coast from Liverpool. South Road is the main shopping district in Waterloo. Sefton Borough Council are proposing the following changes to the junction, mainly to further ease the flow of traffic.

Sefton Council proposal
Google Maps

The consideration given to cyclists is rather unimaginative, a couple of extra advanced stop zones, but even they don't have any designated cycle access to them. In fact the only real benefit I can see is that when turning right into South Road cyclists can be slightly less concerned about being hit from behind by vehicles going straight on.

It looks like they are purchasing land on the east side of the road, using some of it to widen the carriageway for cars and the rest is given over to a grass verge. I'm sure they could fit in a cycle lane and protected left turn if they tried. How about making South Road a shared space area?

£1.5m and all that is gained is two right turn lanes.

Times like this I wonder if there's some sort of online junction design tool, perhaps the collective wisdom of the crowd could do better than the professionals.

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