Monday, 3 September 2012

Twitter & Premeditation

I'm not sure why but in the last few days I've taken to searching 'cyclist' on twitter to see what it throws up, the results are not so good. In the space of any given hour there seems to be up to half a dozen people wishing violence and injury on cyclists.

I wonder, should any unfortunate cyclist encounter one of these people and end up in an accident with them, could their mindless ramblings on Twitter be used to prove premeditation? Here's a few from the last hour...

Good luck Team GB at your Manchester headquarters, James here is goin' ta getcha!

This charmer works at Universal music, but don't worry his opinions are his own.

Now this young fellow is a young pro footballer at Stirling Albion who just failed his driving test, thank God.

And Sahara here's heart is obviously barren.