Friday, 3 February 2012

Cycle awareness training for HGV drivers

Dear Reader, tomorrow morning I have to attend my annual 7 hours of competence training so that I may still be allowed to drive a tachographed vehicle, known as the driver CPC. This year we are going to be learning about health & safety, fair enough. However, at the end of the day I hope to persuade them to let me give them a little chat about cyclist awareness.

Not entirely sure what I'm going to say yet as the idea only came to me last night, I guess I'll talk about rider positioning, communication, leaving sufficient space.

I've been motivated to do it by The Times Cities Fit for Cycling campaign and yet another death of a cyclist on the streets of London under the wheels of a large vehicle. With another death occurring simultaneously in Lincolnshire I think that makes 12 in total since the New Year.

If any hauliers or transport managers reach this page, have a look at CycleTrainingUK to do a fun cycle awareness CPC module.

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